Comic Con Provides Fun Outlet for Couples


Zombie Couple

A couple poses as zombies outside the Javits Center Saturday evening for Comic Con.

New York City’s Comic Con, held at the Javits Center in October, became an unlikely opportunity for couples to share a tender moment together.  The event welcomed 115,000 attendees over the weekend of Oct. 11-14.  This was the seventh year that the convention was held in New York City with attendance climbing sharply since it began in 2006 with only 33,000 guests.

Marvel Couple

Spectra and Captain America, usually a teacher and a lawyer, were a big hit with the crowd in front of the Javits Center during Sunday’s Comc-Con.

Megan Pride, a grocery store employee in her early 20s from Philadelphia, dressed as an X-Men comic character in tight black and yellow leather.  She attended Comic Con with her boyfriend, Sean Hale.  “This is how we met,” she said.

“We work hard on our costumes,” said Hale, “and get to hang out with like-minded individuals.”

Couple psoing for cameras outside Comic-Con on Sunday

Many couples took the time to pose for photos throughout the day, even during cigarette breaks.

Jenn Linhan, 27, a tattoo parlor and grocery store employee from Philadelphia, also enjoyed attending Comic Con with her boyfriend, Matt, a graphic designer in Manhattan. Like many couples, they came dressed as superheroes.

Alien Couple on COnvention center floor

Some couples work on costumes for months in advance.

The fun was not restricted to couples, and a simple turn of the head brought sights of bloody zombies, Japanese anime characters, and Harry Potter characters.

Next year’s Comic Con will take place at the Javits Center again from Oct 10 to Oct 13.