Family Day at Citi Pond



Family day at the Citi Pond ice rink in Bryant Park attracted many families. Photo: Mei-Yu Liu.

Citi Pond held its third annual family day event at the south west corner of the Bryant Park ice-skating rink, on the sunny Saturday before Thanksgiving. “We want to create a free event family can enjoy together,” said Alexa Harrison, the press relation. Several hundred parents and children came to the park for an afternoon of interactive events — and for 100 lucky children, free rental skates.

Big Mama, an European Eagle Owl, stretched her wings as the children around her gazed in amazement. “Look at Big Mama’s wing span!” a father said to his son. There was also a live band.

“It’s great,” said Sandra Vecera. “It’s outdoor, so I can enjoy this beautiful day with my son.”

“It’s a good idea. In the busy city, it’s hard to have this kind of event. I think they did a good job,” said another mom, who attended for the first time with her son.

Every weekend, over a thousand people visit the ice rink. According to the staff, Thanksgiving will be another peak time. Photo: Mei-Yu Liu.

Citi Pond is one of the city’s most popular outdoor recreation spots in this season, with people lined up along Sixth Avenue to get in. Every weekend, it attracts over a thousand visits. “Some people with their own ice skating shoes come regularly,” said Walla Elsiddig, who works at the information counter.

General admission to the rink is free, with a $14 charge for skate rentals.