Activists Mark Anniversary of Afghanistan Intervention


World Can’t Wait

An anti-war protestor with the “World Can’t Wait” organization demonstrates outside a Times Square military recruitment office. Photo: Simone Scully

To commemorate the 11th anniversary of the United States intervention in Afghanistan and acknowledge civilian casualties in all U.S. wars, an activist group called “The World Can’t Wait” demonstrated and created a memorial outside a Times Square military recruitment center.

“We are here for the uncounted dead,” said organizer Debra Sweet, “and to show that American lives are not more important than other people’s lives.”
About 14 protesters gathered on Saturday, with a dozen police officers clustered nearby to oversee the peaceful protest.  The entrance to the military recruitment office was barricaded by the NYPD for the two hours.
Memorial of Shoes

In Times Square, a circle of shoes with flowers memorializes civilian casualties of U.S. wars. Photo: Simone Scully