Voters by the Numbers

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We, along with anyone even vaguely familiar with the west side of Midtown Manhattan, can predict now that President Barack Obama, along with down-ballot democrats, will win big in the neighborhood. We are not competing, nor can we, with pollsters like The New York Times’ Nate Silver, so we’ve chosen not to focus on the numbers of this election. Instead, we decided to take a different track. We hope to illuminate why residents in the area vote the way they do.These graphs and numbers are meant to complement and enhance our interviews with residents.

Here’s how we did it:

2004-2008 Data

Voter Turnout By Region, 2004-2008

Voter Turnout in NYC, 2008

Voter Turnout in NYC by Gender, 2008

Voter Turnout By Neighborhood, 2008

Obama’s Share of Votes in Neighborhoods, 2008

2012 Data:

Voter Affiliation in the State of New York, 2012

Voter Affiliation in New York City, 2012

Voter Affiliation in Manhattan, 2012

Voter Affiliation in Hell’s Kitchen, 2012

Voter Affiliation in Chelsea, 2012

Voter Affiliation in Midtown West, 2012