Design Center Opens Midtown “Get Out The Vote 2012” Exhibition



Front window of the AIGA National Design Center.

A “Get Out The Vote 2012” exhibition is currently on display at the AIGA National Design Center, located on Fifth Avenue between West 21 and 22 streets in Midtown.

Sponsored by the Professional Association for  Design (AIGA), the exhibition is a collection of nonpartisan posters designed to encourage citizens to head to the polls on Nov.6. Pedestrians walking along Fifth Avenue are initially attracted to the exhibit by the word “vote” streamed across the center’s front window in large red print. Inside, the space’s simple setup allows gallery-goers to enjoy a variety of posters in sizes ranging from medium to large.

Posters line the wall of the gallery. Photo:  N.G. Onuoha.

Large posters hang from the ceiling in the center of the gallery space. Photo: N.G. Onuoha

Visitors can write their thoughts on the upcoming election. Photo: N.G. Onuoha.

“Get Out The Vote 2012” is on display now until Nov. 30.  For those unable to visit the gallery in New York City, AIGA offers a virtual gallery on the exhibit’s website.