Meet the Reporters 2021


Marta Campabadal






Born and raised in Barcelona, Marta Campabadal studied Journalism at Pompeu Fabra University. Marta has worked for media outlets such as the newspaper La Vanguardia, the Catalan Public Television in Paris, and WGBH in Boston. On the strategical communications side, Marta has worked for Folch Studio, a narrative business design studio.

Twitter: @MartaCampabadal, Instagram: @marta.campabadal, Linkedin: Marta Campabadal Graus


Carolina de Armas

Carolina de Armas, born and raised in Puerto Rico, is a student at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She graduated from Boston College in 2021, where she was an English major with minors in journalism and creative writing. Carolina’s journalistic interests include investigative reporting, long-from narrative writing, and documentary filmmaking.

Twitter: @caro_de_armas


Rui Ding

Rui Ding, a graduate student at Columbia Journalism School, is from Zhejiang, China. She graduated from University of California, Davis with majors in Communication and International Relations. As an undergrad, she worked as a staff reporter for the campus newspaper, The Aggies. She loves dogs and desserts.

Twitter: @Ruii777


Claire Haroche

Claire Haroche, a graduate student at Columbia Journalism School, has worked in French media for eight years. Claire has worked at Prisma Media, Mondadori, Shine and more recently, CNews as a culture multimedia journalist. She was also a parliamentary assistant in the French Senate for two years. Claire speaks fluent French, English and Spanish and holds degrees in Communications, Film Studies, British and European Studies and Journalism. She wants to give a voice to the voiceless through multimedia journalism.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn: @ClaireHaroche


Sirena He

Sirena He was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attended Pratt Institute and received a BFA in creative writing. She lived in Paris, France for a year teaching English to middle school students. She’s an actress and writer who aspires to work in broadcast journalism.

Twitter: @sirenasees


Lizzie Hyman

Lizzie Hyman is a Columbia Journalism School graduate student from Allentown, PA. As an undergraduate, Lizzie attended Georgetown University. At Georgetown, Lizzie majored in American studies and minored in Journalism. While in college, Lizzie was an editorial intern at The Hill and MSNBC. After graduating from CJS, she hopes to cover culture on an international scale.

Twitter: @lizziehyman


Jordan Gonsalves

Jordan Gonsalves is from Houston. He is currently a graduate student at the Columbia Journalism School. He graduated from Pace University in New York with a bachelor’s in finance in 2017. After graduation, he worked bicoastal at Adobe between New York and San Francisco for four years. There, he wrote about internal business performance for an executive audience. He is passionate about covering historically marginalized communities.

Instagram: @jorplease


Gabriella Maestri

Gabriella Maestri, an Arkansas native, is a graduate student at Columbia Journalism School. She graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2020, where she studied journalism and marketing. She has experience writing for CitiScapes Magazine, as well as developing content for a few different marketing agencies.

Twitter: @gabmaestri


Tiamen Montgomery

Tiamen Montgomery was born and raised in New York City. She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Communication and minor in Information Science. After graduating from Columbia Journalism School, she is interested in pursuing international issues and music journalism.


Karen Ng

Journalist and poet Karen Ng is a Hongkonger and First Class King’s College London graduate. Prior to Columbia, she was the founding Editor in Chief of The King’s Poet, and was published by Apple Daily and Roar News. She was also a Research Fellow in the Georgian Papers Programme. Karen particularly enjoys social justice journalism. Twitter: @karenng_02 , Instagram: @suneater_02, LinkedIn: Karen Ng


Anna Phillips

Prior to attending Columbia Journalism School, Anna Phillips worked as a fact checker at CBS This Morning. She has also worked at The Meteor, a newly formed feminist media collective, as well as Wanderlust, an online arts and travel magazine. Anna grew up in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in media studies.


Kaniya Rogers

Kaniya Rogers is a writer and student at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She aspires to work in digital media covering topics, such as lifestyle, wellness, culture and entertainment. She graduated from Spelman College in May 2021.


Elizabeth Sander

Elizabeth Sander is graduate student at Columbia’s Journalism School, originally from Fairfield, CT. Before arriving at The Midtown Gazette, Elizabeth was as an Editorial Intern for Observer, Her Campus and Boston Chefs. Elizabeth also served as Arts and Living Editor of her undergraduate newspaper, The Tufts Daily. Find her website here.


Teresa Zhang

Before coming to Columbia Journalism School, Teresa Zhang earned her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Sociology from NYU. As an undergrad, she worked at Fox News, NY1, WNYU Radio, and a few magazines and on-campus publications. Teresa plans to pursue a career in television news after graduation.

Linkedin: Teresa (Yujie) Zhang

Instagram: @_teresaaaaa_