Google’s Up in Chelsea



It is finally here, the Google logo that prominently tells the world of the company’s presence in Chelsea. Google’s 111 Eighth Avenue office installed a one-story-tall logo facing Chelsea Market on Sunday morning. Although Google opened the Chelsea office in 2008 and signed the contract to buy the building in 2010, its public profile is now official. The letters sit above the words that describe the building’s original use, as the Port of New York Authority Inland Terminal.

Google's Chelsea Office seen from Ninth Avenue

Google’s Chelsea office seen from across Ninth Avenue. Photo: Qi Chen.

Google's Neon lights inside lobby

A neon logo greets visitors inside the Ninth Avenue entrance of Google’s Chelsea office. Photo: Qi Chen.

Google logo seen from on top of Chelsea Market

The Google logo seen from across Ninth Avenue, on top of Chelsea Market. Photo: Qi Chen.