About The Midtown Gazette


West Midtown is in flux,helpmyessay prices and no one seems to be looking.

Except us: The Midtown Gazette covers Midtown from Fifth Avenue to the  Hudson River,cause and effects essay topics from 14th Street to Columbus Circle – home to major  corporate and culture institutions, shifting immigrant  populations,  and an escalating clash between the past and the  future.

From an abandoned railroad track transformed into the High Line Park to the construction site for what founders call New York’s first “global” school, from redevelopment fights in the garment district to the hospital desert that runs the length of the neighborhood: Change is the only  constant  in Midtown West.

The Gazette staff is a group of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism students with interests and backgrounds as varied as the  neighborhood we cover.  We’re going to chronicle the bustling  environment with stories, photos and the Street Buzz blog, and along the way we’re going to find out how a neighborhood redefines itself.

Visit the site to stay updated on the latest news and trends in Midtown West, and follow us on Twitter @theMTownGazette. Got a story? Email us at themidtowngazette@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: The Midtown Gazette reserves the right to edit comments. More Help bought uk dissertation my.